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Eunomia n. the principle of good order "Observe the strange inversion of all order and sense! Dignity debased; how vilely is the function of a consul prostituted!" ~The Craftsman Sat, 09 Feb 2008 19:45:30 +0000 en Solon’s Favourites Sat, 01 Jul 2006 21:09:57 +0000 Daniel Larison Uncategorized 300 as Der Ewige Orientaler?  Not Really

Abstraction, Terrible Simplifiers and Abuses of Language
The Accumulation of Opinions

Actually, It’s Almost The Opposite
Akribeia And The Ethics Of Rhetoric
The American Interest

Anarchists, Radicals and Reactionaries, Oh My!
Boutiques and Blinis

Brooks Puts On His Deep Thinking Cap
Brooks Puts On His Deep Thinking Cap (II)
Brooks Puts On His Deep Thinking Cap (V)
Brooks Puts On His Deep Thinking Cap (VI)

Brooks Puts On His Deep Thinking Cap (VII)
The Canadian Philosopher and the “Great Republic”
Come Home, America
Conservatives, WWII and the “Usable Past”
Crunching the Founding?
Crunchy Dragoons?
David Brooks Puts On His Deep Thinking Cap (III)
David Brooks Puts On His Deep Thinking Cap (IV)
The Deeper Level
The Democracy of Good Results
Dismay And Possibility
Dreher’s Crunchy Cons and Paleoconservatism
Elites and Populism
Eunomia Contra The Phthartocracy
Fortune Cookies, Propositions And Declarations
GetReligion Doesn’t Always Get It

Groundbreaking Goldberg?  Probably Not
The Hegemonists, Thomas Woods and the League of the South
I Just Cannot Subscribe To That
Illiteracy, Historical and Otherwise
Inquisitio Nova
The Intractable, Invincible Ignorance of Jonah Goldberg
It’s 1917, Bush Is The Kaiser And Joe Lieberman Is The French Mutiny!
The Libertarian Matrix Has You
Libertarian Matrix Reloaded
Libertarian Matrix Revolutions

“A Lie for a Just Cause”
Loyalism and Constitutionalism
A “Modest Rebuke” Indeed
Montenegrin Independence and Things Goldberg Doesn’t Know
Motivations Of Men
Natalists, Fascists, Cylons & Crunchies
The New Fusionism, Just As Pointless As the Old Fusionism
“Oh, Poor Friar…”
The Rooted and The Refugees

The Soul of the West
Their Finest Hour? What Was Their Worst?

Two Dying Ideologies
Unintelligent Intelligent Design
Vapid Foreign Policy Actually
We’re Still Ashamed
Why Guy Fawkes Is a Joke…
Words That Annoy Me