Daniel brings heavy artillery in the battle of ideas. ~Michael Brendan Dougherty

It [Eunomia]’s one of the best blogs of any kind, tout court. ~Daniel McCarthy

You dash out a blog post, catch a bit of shut-eye, then wake up to find out that a verbose doctoral candidate has done an Ender Wiggin on you, shock and awe style. Does Daniel Larison ever sleep? Has he done away with keyboards and mastered thought-blogging? ~Peter Suderman

…the intimidatingly prolific Daniel Larison… ~Kevin Jones

If x were to represent how reactionary you were, and you were to take the limit of x as it approaches an arbitrarily large number, you couldn’t be as reactionary as Larison. ~PithLord

…that wisest of Schismatics, Mr. Larison…~GFVonB

Your Humble Scribe has already spoken about amazingly prolific Daniel Larison before so I will simply say that I have my doubts over whether he is entirely human - I have a vision of a disembodied brain kept alive by machine and able to search the internet and write at all hours through sheer Mental Power. ~Mild Colonial Boy

If Reactionary Radicals were to add an expansion team, my pick would be Daniel Larison. ~Clark Stooksbury

Daniel Larison is a joy to read. ~Suibhne

If you graphed all the foreign policy and political philosophy oriented blogs with quantity on the horizontal axis and quality on the vertical axis, Eunomia would be in the extreme upper right corner.  It’s kind of like Andrew Sullivan’s output in the first two years after 9/11, except Larison, unlike Sullivan, is describing a world that exists outside his own head. ~Steve Sailer

Daniel Larison for President of the United States of America! ~The Western Confucian

…the Dark Lord of Paleoconservatism, Daniel Larison… ~James Poulos

Daniel will finish his thesis sooner or later. See how much damage he can do on his blog? Now imagine someone paid him to do this regularly. This should scare people who might be the target of Daniel’s wrath. People scared of Daniel Larison should begin to put a lot of money in a pot and offer it to him - along with their women, beads and javelins - asking only that he stop blogging and not take a job where he can hurt them. ~Michael Brendan Dougherty

…where else could you find someone who curses John Locke and the Enlightenment in one breath and backhands the Intelligent Design movement the next?  Definitely an army of one. ~Razib

None of these attempts to prove the reality of your human existence will convince me that you are anything other [than] a supercomputer secretly developed by the Black Hundred to spread reaction throughout the “blogosphere”. ~A.K.B. Cusack

He’s the Stakhanov of the blogosphere. ~PithLord

We all know that Daniel Larison is really smart, but did you know that he’s also really hilarious? Hilarious in that “I’m slightly terrified at the prospect of being on his bad side” way. ~Reihan Salam