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Mar. 31/Apr. 13: St. Innocent of Moscow, Equal to the Apostles and Enlightener of America


Like the Apostles long ago,
O Holy Father Innocent,
you accepted the Lord's command
to baptize all peoples in His name;
you left your homeland to proclaim the truth
to an island people sitting in darkness.
With them lead us down the path to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Like the betrothed of the Theotokos,
you worked in humility with your hands;
and through you, like Constantine, churches blossomed throughout the land,
built for the feeding of the flock
you gathered and led into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Like the Holy Brothers from Thessalonica,
who brought illumination to your forefathers,
you labored to bring this same inheritance
to untaught peoples placed in your care,
that worshipping the One True God in words of many tongues,
they might, by the Word, be led into the Kingdom of Heaven.

~ from the Great Vespers of the Feast of St. Innocent

Daniel Larison | April 14, 2006


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