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A Libertarian in the Room

I'm no libertarian but I think no major government decision should ever be made unless there's a libertarian in the room explaining to people why he thinks it's a bad idea. The libertarian won't always be right, but he'll be right often enough that he should always be listened to. ~Jonah "Lie For a Just Cause" Goldberg, Crunchy Cons

I wonder what Goldberg must think of the Bush administration. There has never been any danger of any libertarians being in any rooms where the major decisions of this administration were being made. So Goldberg is highly critical of the wanton excesses of the Bush administration and its failure to listen to libertarian warnings about its policies, right? Oh, that's right, all of this talk about libertarians is just a pose to make the "crunchies" seem like scary "statists" out to inflict organic chicken and homeopathy on the masses by fiat. Is this the best the anti-crunchy forces can muster?

Daniel Larison | February 24, 2006


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