Today has been a strange day.  The day began with Mitt Romney, which was bad enough.  (I am working on a column on the Romney/anti-Mormonism topic, so I am going to hold off on commenting on the subject for a while.)   Driving to work, I was side-swiped by a van that was dodging out of the way of one of Chicago’s many horrible taxi drivers.  Let’s just say that my car has looked better.  As I walked in to lecture this morning, the seats of the lecture hall were festooned with Ron Paul brochures (and I had nothing to do with putting them there–the Revolution flourishes at UIC on its own).  This afternoon I received an automated call from New York City telling me to apply for a Post Office job.  Apparently, the Post Office is hiring in New York right now.  I’ve heard of some pretty weird wrong numbers, but this is ridiculous.