The whole point of the American Revolution was to establish a country without anyone to run it [bold mine-DL].  We don’t want or need a president who is inclined to run things. We need a President who leads and inspires. Fred, with his non-managerial background, is the only candidate of either party who seems to get this. ~Peter  Mulhern

The whole point?  I rather thought the “point,” so to speak, was to preserve the self-government and constitutional rights of the several colonies.  Liberty and independence and all that.  Evidently, the “whole point” was to make sure that nobody was “running the country.”  Thompson certainly is an incarnation of the hallowed principle of non-management.  No one would suspect that he was going to “run” anything and more observers than ever are becoming convinced that he won’t even do much when it comes to running for President.  His diffidence is an example to us all. 

Mulhern continues:

Fred Thompson isn’t Ronald Reagan. But he can restore the Republican Party to Reagan’s default settings. He can make the GOP once again the party of the American Revolution and distinguish it sharply from the party of the French, Russian, Chinese, and Cuban Revolutions [bold mine-DL].

Of course, the GOP isn’t the party of “the American Revolution.”  No modern party can lay claim to that, since both modern parties are founded on the repudiation of some significant part of the original constitutional arrangement created after the Revolution (see Lincoln, FDR).  And goodness knows I don’t like the GOP, but I think they probably still have a little ways to go before they can be accused of blurring the lines with the ChiComs and Castro.  Now, the Jacobins might be a different story….I can almost see Thompson’s bumper sticker now: “Vote Thompson: He’s Not Like Robespierre!”  Or “Vote Thompson: He Will Never Expropriate Your Farm!”  (That’s the job of development corporations, after all.)  

After having shown that Thompson would be a lax manager (probably the last thing the government needs after eight years of cronyism and incompetence) and a non-communist (always a plus), Mulhern then takes satisfaction that, supposedly alone among his rivals, Thompson is the only candidate who will really attack Iran.  Apparently Podhoretz signed up with the wrong team.  Thompson rattles that sabre like nobody’s business, and this, we are told, is what makes him the superior candidate rather than an unfortunate and embarrassing old man with nothing credible to say. 

Then there is this:

How many politicians can talk about Russell Kirk’s The Conservative Mind in terms which indicate that he has both read and understood it?

I don’t know how many could do that, but then I don’t know how many could have actually absorbed the lessons of The Conservative Mind and endorsed such hideously imprudent and unwise foreign policy decisions as Thompson has over the past few years. 

This was news to me:

Try to wrap your mind around the reality that coming off like an old coot having a conversation as he whittles next to the pot-bellied stove down at the country store is an excellent way to attract most American voters.

So that’s going to be the new hallmark of the Thompson campaign–a pot-bellied stove to replace his pickup truck.  But will he have it painted red?

Thompson ‘08!