Finally, after all these years of hard work and sacrifice…a break! ~The Writer/Comedian (Bill Murray), The Lost City*

Later this summer, I will have a review of Colin Wells’ Sailing from Byzantium in Chronicles.  Here is the table of contents for the May issue, which has, in addition to many fine meditations on the importance of property rights and the dangers to them, a good Joe Sobran piece on George Will and the state of conservatism and Joseph Fallon’s article on the military buildup for a potential attack on Iran.  The June issue considers the phenomenon of Americanism.  In that issue, Dr. Fleming smashes a number of standard “conservative” idols in his “Establishing Christian America”: 

If America were, in fact, a basically Christian or moral nation, Hollywood would be out of business, and so would most colleges and universities.

Among many other excellent contributions, the June issue also has an article by George Ajjan on the question of “foreign fighters” entering Iraq and Iraqi and American border security. 

TAC has its new May 21 issue out, which is now online.  The following issue will have a piece I have written on neoliberalism (as well as Michael’s profile of Ron Paul), and the issue after that one should see the beginning of my regular column there.      

*Like The Writer/Comedian, I am kidding about the hard work and sacrifice.