The newest lefty spin on the USA ”scandal” is that the “improper” political firings of the eight USAs now jeopardises…the prosecution of one of the corrupt Democrats whose alleged criminal activities David Iglesias was slow or inept in leading.  That means that the thing that got Iglesias fired was probably related to his ineptitude in handling big corruption cases, demonstrated so clearly in his very near failure in getting a Vigil conviction.  In other words, after what was almost a completely botched case against Robert Vigil, Iglesias’ tardy and uninspiring pursuit of Manny Aragon’s corruption probably convinced anyone interested in combating corruption back home in New Mexico that Iglesias wasn’t really cut out for the job.  Maybe there were inappropriate phone calls from members of Congress that shouldn’t have been made, but the Aragon indictment ought to make everyone think about this “scandal” a bit more. 

Now that the U.S. Attorney’s office is finally indicting Aragon, he of Wackenhut connections fame and any number of other scams against the New Mexican people, we’re supposed to be simultaneously convinced that the administration was using the USAs to target poor, innocent Democrats while also screwing up the prosecutions of Democrats who are probably guilty of everything their opponents say they are because the USAs were being used as political tools.  Of course, if Democrats, with ample help from morons in the administration, had not made this episode into a “scandal,” no one would have any reason to think that the prosecution of Manny Aragon was politically motivated or in the least improper, which makes the entire spectacle seem to be one generated for the advantage of their fellow partisans who are under suspicion of corruption or other lawbreaking for good reason. 

This is, after all, Manny Aragon we’re talking about, and anyone who has lived more than a few years in New Mexico knows that this is probably the only illegal thing that the government thought it could actually prove that he had done.  It’s about time that they have him cornered.  Personally, after watching the Vigil case almost implode thanks to Iglesias’ bumbling, I am relieved to know that he will have nothing to do with future corruption prosecutions in New Mexico.  For this I am supposed to be upset at the Bush administration?