Can it really be that the nauseating Marty Peretz has the gall to mock someone (in this case, his nemesis Matt Yglesias) for a typo?  Yes, he does have the gall.  This is the ignoramus who didn’t even know which party is in power in Australia when he writes a post about Australia.  This is the sorry excuse for an observer of world affairs who didn’t know anything about the internal politics of Thailand in his post about Muslim violence in Thailand.  This is the illiterate who doesn’t know the meaning of the words ultramontane and chiliastic and uses them to refer to Muslims!  This is the remedial English speaker who does not know the proper time to use ‘fewer’ instead of ‘less’.  The man has no shame.  I suppose we knew that, but this is sad even for Marty.  How pathetic do you have to be to snipe at your enemy for a typo?