Blogging isn’t a complete waste of time and energy–it improves your knowledge of made-up blogger vocabulary that no one else will understand.  Take “Rethug,” for instance.  As in: “Compared to most Rethugs, Huckabee’s a socialist.”  

I don’t really know now what it means anymore than I did when I first saw it, but it seemed at first to be a reference to social conservatives or evangelicals or some combination thereof.  Any explanations or speculations are welcome in the comments.  Is it a play off of the word Republican, which I guess is the most obvious explanation, or is there some more arcane meaning that I’m missing?

Update: The author of the post cited above writes later on:

The kingmakers in the Republican Party are more like David Frum, who wants to economically stress the middle and working classes so that they will develop good moral character…

To be blunt, when did David Frum ever care about anyone developing good moral character?