I was reminded of the line in the title (which is translated, “Strike and kill me, you have the right!”) from Sayat Nova’s Nazani, one of his finest love songs, while reading this First Things piece by the University of Chicago’s own Prof. and Mrs. Kass on Erasmus’ Colloquy on courtship.  Sayat Nova is frequently urging his beloved to engage in some kind of violent disembowling or stabbing with a knife, and this is one of the better-known examples.  The beloved is sometimes cast as a sultan or khan dealing out summary justice to the poor, suffering lover.  This is very similar to themes of the Colloquy, as indeed it echoes most other love poetry; Sayat Nova took conventional and commonplace imagery and created amazing songs. 

Another great, time-honoured ashugh pick-up line: Eshkemet hivandatsil im (”I have grown sick from your love”).  (Note: These lines do not work!  Do not try on your own!)