I don’t know how important it is, but thanks to a new feature on Alexa you can see the traffic ranking of websites in different countries if they are in the top million.  (Eunomia has, alas, fallen on hard times and doesn’t currently qualify for this new feature.)

The Japanese, for instance, love Steve Sailer out of all proportion to the amount of time he spends on anything related specifically to Japan.  Curiously, Chronicles‘ website is much more popular in Georgia than here, which is slightly odd, since I don’t know of much in the magazine that has pertained directly to Georgia.  But I knew that ordinary Georgians had to be decent folks.  Hurrah for Sakartvelos!  In spite of your language’s baffling internal conjugation rules, I salute you!  Perhaps a little less inexplicably, American Conservative’s website is relatively beloved in Bulgaria and Switzerland.  I guess the Swiss-Taki connection makes sense, but Bulgaria?  Regardless, they are all most welcome.