Why do you always want to know who did it? Well, it’s not the Buddhists. I know that the Lubavitcher have a Chabad House in Bangkok. But it’s certainly not them either. Do we have to play “twenty questions?” The beheadings are a clue.

By the way, “School arson and the assassination of schoolteachers have been a continuing tactic.” I suppose that, if Israel gave up the whole West Bank and Jerusalem, the unknown killers would give up their random killings. Isn’t that right? ~Marty Peretz

Oh, very droll, Marty.  Took the words right out of my mouth!  How many times have we talked about the abiding concern about Palestine in southern Thailand?  Too many, I’m sure.  Yes, of course, the attackers in question were Muslim.  This is hardly a secret, because anyone who knows the difference between the Liberal and Labor parties in Australia (i.e., those not named Marty Peretz) also probably knows that there has been a long-running insurgency among the Muslims of southern Thailand that the late, “great” government of Thaksin Shinawatra bumblingly tried to suppress.  It was the failed suppression of this insurgency that encouraged top military officers to launch the coup against the increasingly unpopular, corrupt demagogue to the general satisfaction of the Thai people.  Indeed, anyone with access to a newspaper over the last year would probably know these things. 

Hey, Marty, the loyal and patriotic Gen. Sonthi is a Muslim, too–can your small mind cope with the strange and terrible contradictions contained in that statement without making some tired reference to Israel?  Somehow, I doubt it.