Just think about it: it will bring together the Hungarian and Cuban vote!

A couple of months ago I suggested to look out for McCain/Pawlenty in 2008. Today Giuliani/Huckabee may be the better bet. ~John McIntyre, RCP Blog

And yep, Giuliani-Huckabee has a certain ring to it. Reagan Democrats plus Southern Evangelicals equals . . . victory? ~Ross Douthat

Um, no

But why stop here with the implausible ‘08 GOP tickets?  Some have even been batting around the idea of the formidable Romney-Hutchison combination, which will apparently try to pull in the Big Hair vote.  Don’t look now, but we might have to watch out for a Brownback-Snowe dynamo!  Or maybe Bloomberg-Inhofe, just for fun!

I respectfully submit to you all that imaginary presidential tickets that put together two candidates (such as Giuliani and Huckabee) who don’t stand a snowball’s chance of winning more than one or two primaries can be very amusing and help to while away the hours, but they are inherently silly.