Taki Theodoracopulos, co-founder of The American Conservative, has brought out a new webzine, a much-expanded Taki’s Top Drawer that will start shaking some of the rot out of contemporary conservatism and giving the usurpers who have run conservatism into the ground a good hiding on a regular basis.  Taki already has had quite a few things to say this month.  He is joined by Paul Gottfried, Justin Raimondo and F.J. Sarto, who is also the managing editor of the webzine.  Before too long, you may see another familiar name showing up over there.  More updates in the future.

I realise that I have been negligent in linking to Joseph Pearce’s blogging at Small Is Still Beautiful.  See what he has to say about land, democracy, direct action, and bogus democracy and its relationship to centralism.

Update: F.J. Sarto says of Giuliani:

Nevertheless, we must give this much to Giuliani: He may have cheated on his wife flagrantly in the mayor’s house, appeared in drag with a disturbing frequency, gone to live with two male homosexuals for almost a year after divorcing his betrayed wife and adopted positions indisintinguishable from those of Hillary Clinton, but we cannot take this from him: On Sept. 11, 2001, he did not cry like a little girl. Nor was he reading “My Pet Goat” or hiding in an “undisclosed location.” So perhaps he will be something of an improvement.