Poor Mitt just can’t buy a break these days.  Now he’s being hit for a veto of funding that would have gone to reimbursing nursing homes so that they could provide kosher meals to elderly Jews on Medicaid:

Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom told The Politico that the governor vetoed the legislation to cut spending.

“The state was in a fiscal crisis, and it would have led to higher Medicaid reimbursement rates for nursing homes, which was unaffordable at the time,” he said. “Once we restored fiscal balance, we were in a position to add spending where appropriate.”

The provision is now law, and Fehrnstrom said the veto has not become an issue on the campaign trail.

Yet given the intensity of the battle for Jewish donors, it may become one. “Governor Romney has been pushing his strong and unadulterated belief in a very strong state of Israel,” said a national Jewish leader with close ties to the Republican Party. “Any sort of dents to his armor become problematic to him. There is hesitation in the community to begin with because of his Mormonism. [bold mine-DL] …These sorts of chinks in his armor will help his opponents.”

“It’s definitely going to hurt Romney in the Jewish community,” said Ira Forman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council. “You’d think for someone who’s of a minority religion he’d be a little more sensitive to these concerns.”

Somehow I don’t think he’s going to be feeling the minority religion solidarity–note the line about “hesitation” in the community because of his Mormonism.  Now I understand what Christians and straight-up secularists don’t like about Mormons, but what are the specifically Jewish objections to the Mormons in particular?