I’m hearing you guys [House GOP] don’t care what people think. That’s what I’m hearing, and that’s what got us the minority, and that’s what’ll keep us there, but I hope you’ll come back and talk with me again. ~Hugh Hewitt

Er, well, actually it was the Iraq war that put Republicans in the minority, as any remedial civics student would have to know by now.  There were aggravating factors with the massive overspending, corruption and general listlessness of GOP leadership, but fundamentally the war caused GOP failure and it will continue to destroy the GOP until Republican leaders stop listening to the Hewitts of the world and listen to their constituents, a majority of whom oppose the war and want out in short order.  The only thing that will keep the GOP in the minority is the sabotage of militaristic purists like Hewitt who seem to have as little understanding of the political realities of the day as they do of the military realities of Iraq.  If they did understand those realities, it would tell them that the surge will not bring victory or anything like it and that this entire tantrum on the part of zealous war supporters is juvenile and ridiculous.