As GOPers debate ideological comfort, Dems argue over experience. But much like Romney, Obama’s survival will depend more on how he performs, than the attacks he draws from opponents. ~Hotline

This is true.  Not having much of a record worth mentioning on the social issues he now claims to champion, Romney has to be able to win over the doubters, for there will be many doubters.  Right now, people who are not immediately inclined to accept his “conversion” tale aren’t accepting him. 

Given the performance Gov. Romney gave at the NRI Summit the other day, where even his boosters have acknowledged he was on the defensive when speaking about his conservatism (perhaps when you know your position as a conservative isn’t at all tenable, it can make you feel very nervous in a room full of people who expect you to be conservative), he isn’t performing terribly well.  When his explanation of how he became pro-life rings hollow with people, as it often does, he says, “But look at what I’ve done!”  But then when people look at what he’s done and conclude that it isn’t very much at all (or that he was largely unsuccessful in winning the fights that he got into), he shouts, like an adolescent who is being contradicted, “I am so pro-life!”  Usually, when you have to keep insisting on it, and almost appear to be convincing yourself in the process, it won’t obvious to anyone else that it is true and it means that you really need to work on your delivery. 

As Brownback keeps hammering him on this point, watch as Romney’s star fades.  Unfortunately, that can only mean the ascension of Amnesty Sam to a position of prominence.  The Party of Immigration, Imperialism and Insolvency is not doing anything to convince me that it will be changing its ways.