The Congressional Republicans’ demand for “benchmarks” is becoming the GOP’s equivalent of Al Gore’s demand years ago for ”lockboxes,” –an empty term originally intended to convey seriousness of purpose while disguising empty policy prescriptions, but which, by the sheer implausibility of the pose, became a term attracting  deserved disdain.

Republican resolutions calling for “benchmarks” are being understood by people serious about victory in the war as a no confidence lite.  To align with a call for “benchmarks” is to leave the victory caucus.  The Republican leadership should figure this out in a hurry and drop the idea as the genuinely bad idea it was and remains. ~Hugh Hewitt

Hewitt’s Townhall blog colleague Matt Lewis states the obvious that benchmark resolutions are not the same as resolutions against the surge.  Perhaps he, too, will be booted out of the “victory caucus.”  Lewis also has a delicious bit where he points out that Hewitt’s hero, Mitt Romney, also supports benchmarks.  I’m sure the pledge drive to refuse Romney all support in his bid for the White House will begin any day now.  Unless, of course, Hewitt is just an administration lackey using his public influence to badger the Senate into submission to the executive, but that couldn’t be the case, could it?