As I tend to, I liked a lot of what he said — he’s a Mr. Fix it (business, Olympics, Massachusetts budget…) who came to a full appreciation for the dangers to human life and marriage afoot only as governor. But in a dinner speech that mentioned bond caps, he didn’t make the case for Romney 2008 in a rallying way. ~Kathryn Jean Lopez

He only came to a “full appreciation” of the dangers to life and marriage while governor?  Forget “full” appreciation–before he was governor, according to everything he said on the trail, he had no appreciation of these dangers and only discovered that these dangers existed at all in the last two and a half years.  Do you suppose Ms. Lopez would be as credulous if Giuliani were campaigning against the dissolution of the family or something else to which he would be a very recent convert? 

Now, bond caps–I’m sure that’s something that we can all get behind.  Well, all of us, that is, except for John Edwards.