Well, actually, my experience in foreign policy [bold mine-DL] is probably more diverse than most others in the field.  I’m somebody who has actually lived overseas, somebody who has studied overseas.  I majored in international relations.  But ultimately, foreign policy is really about having judgement and having a sense first and foremost of the strengths of America and the American people and being able to talk with them about what our values and ideals are and also having an understanding of what the world beyond our borders is like. ~Barack Obama on Good Morning America

Yes, he lived and studied overseas when he was a small child.  If he would like us to discount whatever negative associations people might make with his time in Indonesia, he might do well to not bring up his few years as a child in Indonesia as an example of his qualifications to be chief executive.  He majored in international relations?  That’s interesting to know (but it doesn’t inspire much confidence–Condi got a doctorate in international relations, and look how that worked out for us).  Does he really think that makes him more qualified than Bill Richardson or Joe Biden, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee?  Goodness, even Dennis Kucinich has been working on his Department of Peace proposals for longer than Obama has been in elective office, and led the opposition to the authorisation resolution in 2002 while Obama was still in Springfield.  Absurdly, the three Dems with the least practical, hands-on experience working on foreign policy are the three leaders of the pack: Clinton, Obama and Edwards.   

Ah, but Obama’s experience is ”diverse,” which is another way of saying, “I have no real experience in thinking about or working on policy, but I like to travel.”  Who seriously believes the man is ready to be President?