Obama and Tancredo have both effectively announced for ‘08.  At the rate that such unelectable, long-shot candidates are jumping into the race, can it be long before Kinky Friedman throws in his hat?  I say, the more the merrier.  Our postmodern friend, James Poulos, thinks Obama is not just electable but will, in fact, be the nominee.

For some merriment, here is Dennis Kucinich–also running for President–doing some a cappella singing.  If you want some real laughs, just listen to the rest of his speech.  I admire his long-standing opposition to the war, but it’s hard not to laugh when you hear someone say, “Separation is the cause of insularity,” or when he starts rattling off a list of great proponents of nonviolence that starts with “Dr.” King and ends with Jesse Jackson.