At The Plank, Issac Chotiner nails Lieberman to the wall on his ability to change positions at the drop of a hat to maintain his unswerving support for the Iraq war.  Before Mr. Bush’s “surge” speech, Kagan and Gen. Keane said that at least 30,000 soldiers were needed to avoid failure, and Lieberman publicly endorsed their view last week.  Then, after Mr. Bush proposed sending a little over 20,000 more, Lieberman embraced the proposal as “courageous” and “correct.”  He backs Mr. Bush even when, by the standards of the people he was praising last week, Mr. Bush has just embarked on a course that the leading proponents of a “surge” themselves believe will probably not work.  Of course, it is very questionable whether an additional 30,000 or Andrew Sullivan’s suggestion of 50,000+ would be that much more effective.  Still, you almost have to admire Lieberman’s talent for backing whichever policy is most likely to prolong the conflict the longest.