Mitt Romney is not going to be president. He’s not going to even be the Republican nominee.

It all boils down to — may we use a French word? — finesse. Finesse is defined as “skillful, subtle handling of a situation; tactful, diplomatic maneuvering.” The former Massachusetts governor does not have it.

Exhibit A was his televised cash-athon, in which he quickly scooped up $6.5 million in checks and pledges. The objective was to ripple his awesome fund-raising muscles before John McCain, Sam Brownback and any others who would dare compete.

Money is important in American politics, but the war-chest weigh-in is best held in private. Lucre’s role in campaigns is a sore point with voters, who fancy that elections can’t be bought. The sage politician will raise the dough in discreet settings. Romney does not get this, thinking more of the impression he’s making on the political establishment than on the folk of Iowa and New Hampshire.

The last candidate to so overtly pin his campaign millions on his jacket was Phil Gramm. The former Texas senator, who raised stunning sums in anticipation of the 1996 presidential primaries, remarked out loud that “the most reliable friend you can have in American politics … is ready money.” Gramm finished a weak fifth in the Iowa caucuses and dropped out before the New Hampshire primary. ~Froma Harrop

So in addition to his Massachusetts and Mormon woes, he can also boast a lack of subtlety.  Get those Romney ‘08 buttons while they’re hot–they will become rare collectors’ items soon enough.