Brownback can take some comfort from the AP/Ipsos numbers that show his anti-”surge” position matches the views of a majority of white evangelicals and also a majority of self-described conservatives, but he can’t be terribly excited by what most of the polls are saying about the level of support for the “surge” in the GOP.  Gallup shows clearly that two-thirds of Republicans support the “surge,” and the ABC/Post poll reports that 73% of Republicans support Mr. Bush’s proposal.  (Far more intriguing from an antiwar perspective is the part in the Post article that tells us that a slight majority–53%–would favour cutting funding for any additional troops.)  If Sam Brownback wants to be the Republican nominee, it probably will not do to go against a decision that two out of every three Republicans support.  Indeed, the knives are already out for Brownback on account of his “perfidy.”

Update: Rasmussen has a little bit brighter news for Brownback.  According to its poll, only 53% of Republicans support Mr. Bush’s plan.

Second Update: Jim Antle comments on Brownback and Scheiber’s take on the Kansan’s opposition to the “surge.”