On Wednesday, Saban became the Alabama coach. And Dolphins fans were not happy. Chagrined by Saban’s departure, two years after he came to South Florida from Louisiana State, many fans flooded the airwaves Wednesday with claims that included deception and carpetbagging. ~The New York Times

Most of you probably couldn’t care less about Nick Saban, and on the whole I’m not that interested in his story myself, but for the past month there has been endless speculation about whether he would betray yet another deal he had made with his employers in Miami and become the coach at Alabama.  He had already betrayed LSU when he swore he would not leave the coaching position there…right before he left for Miami.  For the last month, he has been stating clearly and unequivocally that he would under no circumstances leave his job as coach of the Dolphins to take over in Tuscaloosa.  After so many categorical denials, even I, ever the cynic, assumed that he was telling the truth.  What sort of louse would keep saying the same thing with no intention of following through on it?  Oh, right, the Nick Saban kind. 

I hope the Crimson Tide wind up in some no-name bowl contest.  I hope they lose–badly–to Auburn.  I hope they get shut out by Tennessee.  If there is justice in the world of college football, Nick Saban will become a joke.  Unfortunately, he is quite capable as a football coach and will probably do quite well for that program.  As was pointed out to me, however, to leave the NFL to go down to Alabama is hardly a success story after winning the championship with LSU.  Even if he finds some success, the people in Alabama would have to be fools to ever believe another word that comes out of his mouth.