Another day has mostly passed, and Maliki’s treachery in Baghdad yesterday continues to generate no reaction from such centers of Bushmania as Powerline (whose bloggers did bestir themselves to put up at least seven posts on John Kerry since yesterday).  Neither has it drawn any additional comment at The Corner since I last posted on this.  RedState even manages to kick around the John Murtha-ABSCAM story, but could not be bothered to note the remarkable story about Maliki ending the cordon of Sadr City.  lgf, ever that bastion of reasoned commentary, has nothing as well.  Our friends at Claremont manage four posts on Kerry, and zero on what is actually happening in Iraq this week.  Naturally.  Surely the impartial observers at Blogs for Bush would be shocked and dismayed that their man’s good friend, Maliki, has stabbed old George in the back!  But, no, not a word about how the far-seeing philosopher-king has been undermined by Sadr’s handpuppet.  But what about Glenn Reynolds?  Glenn Reynolds will undoubtedly be mortified by the foul treachery of Maliki.  Nope.  Nothing.  Michelle Malkin?  You guessed it–nothing.  Hugh Hewitt, always on the front lines challenging the Bush administration’s management of the war, was also strangely silent.  Iranian missile tests, vague warnings of the Lebanese government being overthrown by the Iranians and Syrians and that hi-larious poster from a Minnesota-based unit stationed in Iraq all find pride of place on most, if not all, of the blogs listed above. 

But about the abandonment of an American solider to the Mahdi Army at the behest of Sadr’s servant, Nouri al-Maliki?  Not a peep.  Any of these people who would like to be taken seriously as supporters of the actual U.S. military might ought to start taking this story seriously.  Any who want to be seen as vacuous blowhards using the military as a political prop, please continue with what you have been doing the past two days.   

Update: Credit where credit is due.  RightWingNews at least has one post on the story.  Right Truth has a longer post on the same.  JihadWatch had a post early on.  Otherwise, most of the big names on the blog right are apparently oblivious or unmoved by the story.

Second Update: Thanks to Ross for the link and the post on the right’s echo chamber.

Third Update: Powerline just added another Kerry post.  Still not so much as a word about Maliki.  I wait with breath that is bated at the prospect of their bold denunciations of Maliki.  It will be a lot more vehement and furious than their fixation on Kerry, right?  Right? 

Fourth Update: lgf is right on top of that Times story about Hussein’s nuclear weapons program dated to…1991!  That’ll show the pinko opponents of the war!  Hussein was developing a weapons program before he was…forced to disarm.  Oops.  As for what is happening in Iraq now, eto nichevo, nada, vochinch, kuch nahi, semmi, nichts, rien, nothing.  Michelle Malkin is also hot on the trail of the 15-year old nuclear weapons program, but what happened yesterday has yet to catch her attention.  Today’s OpinionJournal also has nothing on Iraq or Maliki.  But there is a column about John Kerry!  I would say I am surprised, but I’m not.