Rasmussen reports precipitous weakening in Allen’s position over the past five days: he has supposedly lost seven points in the last week and now trails by five.  RealClearPolitics’ poll average now shows Webb with the tiniest of leads.  Here’s the RCP commentary:

Rasmussen has just released what is a little bit of a shocker poll showing George Allen dropping seven points in 5 days. If the direction of this poll, not necessarily the magnitude of the move, but the direction is confirmed by other major polling — George Allen is in big, big trouble. This race had already crept up to #7 on RCP’s most vulnerable Senate seats and Allen had real risks heading into election day just by his inability to shake off Webb when he was leading in the RCP Average. Now with Webb moving out to a lead in the latest RCP Average, the Allen campaign better hope this poll is a weekend produced outlier.

I guess the tawdry, pathetic “dirty books” attack didn’t work very well.