Hotline reports a Penn, Schoen & Berland poll taken yesterday in a one-day poll of (only) 404 LVs with a margin of error +/- 4.9% that puts Scott Kleeb, the Boy Rancher from the River Platte, ahead by six (46-40) in Nebraska’s Fightin’ Third (as Colbert would call it).  It seems impossible that this could actually be happening, and the nature of the poll suggests that the result may not be terribly reliable.  But, even though I have noted the Kleeb-Smith race as a potentially huge upset that could represent the extent of the anti-GOP backlash, I have not really believed that it was possible until I saw this poll.  The Republicans have seen it and, as suggested in an earlier post, they have begun to pour money into NE-3.  Kleeb can win.  Kleeb very well might win.  You heard it here first. 

1958 has been in some of the election commentary comparisons–Niall Ferguson’s most notably.  The last time the Third District of Nebraska elected a Democrat?  1958.