Yaar ki koi khabar lata nahi.
Daam labau par hai nikal jata nahi. ~Kiran Ahluwalia

(Before I breathe my last breath I wish someone would bring me news of my beloved.)

As I was listening to Ms. Ahluwalia’s premiere CD, it occurred to me that the word in Hindi for news, khabar, is the same word for news in the stories of Raffi, Hakob Hakobyan, that I was reading recently for my Armenian class.  I had not made the connection before reading Raffi’s stories, but then suddenly I recognised that the same word was being used.  This is just one of the many interesting borrowings and similarities between Hindi and Armenian, which both draw heavily on Persian vocabulary.  I often find such fascinating connections between the two Indo-European languages and two cultures in which I have some considerable personal interest.