The Republican National Committee confirms it will not be on the air in the final week of Mike DeWine’s campaign, canceling its ad reservations throughout Ohio. ~The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Via Hotline

Considering that the latest Survey USA poll shows DeWine down by 20 and losing to Brown even among men by 13, I don’t blame the RNC for throwing in the towel on this one.  If the earlier reports of the national party’s virtual surrender in the Ohio Senate race were exaggerated, they aren’t anymore.  The absolute collapse of their two statewide candidates, both of whom trail by 20 or more (Blackwell trails by 30 in this same poll), almost certainly means weakness for the GOP in all other races.  Chabot and Schmidt are now in more danger than ever before, and the other two vulnerable seats (OH-15, OH-18) will almost have to flip in an environment this hostile to the GOP.