“Do we have an interrogation program against guys like Khalid Sheik Mohammad or do we not?” he asked rhetorically. “Do we have a Patriot Act or not? Do we have surveillance? Do we have missile defense? A whole series of things that don’t involve Iraq.” ~MSNBC

Ken obviously forgot the fourth T of Torture.  Is this really what Republicans want to be identified with?  Granted, missile defense, insofar as it is practicable, makes a certain amount of sense and might even resonate a bit more with the North Korean nuke out there, but if I were Howard Dean or one of the other Democratic leaders I would go straight at these things and ask: Are we a nation that tortures people?  Should we scrap constitutional protections against arbitrary government searches and illegal surveillance?  Can the President make up the law as he goes?  If yes, vote Republican.  The best part is that the Republican defense is this: “But the President can make up the law as he goes!  We’re at war!”  You can vote for the Republic, or you can vote for the Republicans.  That’s all there is to it.