Hey, seven years of mandatory Spanish didn’t go completely to waste!  (Note: I make no claim that the Spanish title above is anything like proper or accurate Spanish, but I gave it a shot.) 

The November issue of Chronicles, The Disappearing Border, has many articles on the state of the border, immigration and its consequences on society, culture and the natural environment.  In that issue Tom Piatak, fellow blogger who writes at Cultural Revolutions Online, has a review of Pat Buchanan’s State of EmergencyClark Stooksbury, our man in Knoxville, reviews Beating the Powers That Be by Sean Scallon.  Of interest to a great many, I think, will be Andrea Kirk Assaf’s Letter From Rome about “Lebanon, Israel and the Holy See.”  Be on the lookout for the new Chronicles, or better yet you can subscribe.

Now comes the lame self-promotion.  I have a short article in the new Chronicles for November on the possible political significance of the likely election of Keith Ellison in MN-05 as the first Muslim in Congress and as a politician with close personal ties to the leadership of CAIR.  (Hint: it aint good.)