But he is clearly attracted by the US ideal of democracy. In one telling passage he compares French roads, with their unofficial fast lanes from which slower drivers move away when approached by those in a hurry, to the American ones, where no such informal rules exist. Drivers of fast cars are treated like everybody else, he notes admiringly, and in this respect America is more egalitarian than France. ~Allister Heath, The Spectator

Of all the characteristics to admire in America, BHL picks the most aggravating habit of American drivers?  You would think the man could appreciate the principle that the left lane is for passing only, but apparently that doesn’t register with hordes of drivers in this country who believe they have a moral right, nay, an obligation to putter along in the left lane–at the speed limit, no less!  Simply terrible.  Naturally one of the worst features of American life would win BHL’s praise, and it would have to be because it is “egalitarian.”  If it is, chalk that up as one more reason to be against egalitarianism.