For those who have wondered and those who have asked, “When does Larison find time to do anything else?” I will offer some examples of what I have been up to in my non-Eunomia life (it does exist!).  This is, after all, a blog, and I have normally been rather remiss in including these sorts of personal notes because, well, I actually thought they would be rather uninteresting to readers. 

Admittedly, the last two months have been more heavily dedicated to blogging than normal and the pace I have maintained in those months is unsustainable and will not be sustained.  Now that the fall quarter has begun, real work has begun pressing in again.  Back in August I had made good progress with my dissertation writing, wrapping up the rough drafts of a couple of chapters, both of which I am presenting at workshops this quarter (one next week), and I have made a brief start on the next chapter that follows.  Last month I wrote up an abstract to submit for the Kalamazoo medieval conference and was accepted to the session on deification; I worked up a rough draft of the conference paper, though the conference isn’t until May and there will be plenty of time to revise it.  Last week classes started again, and even though I am done with coursework I am continuing with modern Eastern Armenian, which I have unfortunately let slide during the summer and have to work at a bit more to get my conversational Armenian back to where it was a few months ago.  Somewhat related to that, this week I submitted an abstract to a UCLA colloquium on Armenian studies on a medieval Armenian church topic and my study of part of a 7th century Armenian chronicle.  During the last couple of weeks, I have also written up a short piece that should be appearing in the November edition of Chronicles and a longer piece that will appear in one of the upcoming issues of The American Conservative.

So, there have been some things accomplished recently, but not as many as there probably should have been.  On reflection, the last two months haven’t been all that bad considering that almost all of the above work was done before the start of the school year, but it would be very easy to fall into that sort of thinking and let things go even longer.  Now it will be time to get serious, which means that starting in the next week Eunomia really will be slowing down considerably.  I know I have said something like this in the past and somehow the blog never does slown down.  But this time it really will be.  Don’t stop checking in–there will be new content on a regular basis.  Just not nearly as much of it. 

This is a shame in one sense, because I see from the numbers from just this week that October is on track to be the best month for Eunomia yet (last month brought in 7,550 unique visitors, and it appears as if October is on pace to exceed that, and Eunomia has made it into the top 250,000 sites on Alexa), but I think it will probably be for the best.  I do intend to try to get in a post or two each day when possible, but the ludicrous ten post-per-day average that I have been maintaining for the last several weeks is simply impossible to keep up for an extended period of time without really letting other things slide.  Besides, there is sometimes just not that much to say that is worth reading, and to keep pushing that level of output indefinitely would inevitably lead to a decrease in the quality that I have tried to maintain here.  This will probably be the last post today, but you never know…