I gave a ten minute discourse to someone on the difference between liberal universalist ethics and Christian morality as they relate to our politics. The one person audience said, “I know you are drunk, but this is rather brilliant.”  Later, this same person uttered the strange words. “When you were drunk, you promised to give me a ride home.” Of course by this point it was nearly five in the morning and I had been sipping on delicious tap water since the gin ran out some hours earlier.

On the way home I thought it was funny how the partisans of tradition party it up. Our bodies hot, and our insults cold. Not a thing about it was lukewarm.  And nobody that I witnessed was vomiting. ~Michael Brendan Dougherty

ουτως οτι χλιαρος ει και ου ζεστος ουτε ψυχρος μελλω σε εμεσαι εκ του στοματος μου ~Apocalypse 3:16