In an article for the Nation I have only glanced at, Blumenthal apparently couples us with Wes Pruden and Fran Coombs of the Washington Times, both rather moderate conservatives and good Republicans. Pruden, remember, is the “ultra-right-winger” who fired Sam Francis (in fairness to Pruden, I’m not sure he had much choice), while Fran is the husband of Marian Coombs, who has, gasp, written for Chronicles on a number of occasions. Pruden and Coombs, whose career prospects might be damaged if their names are associated with us, should sue the Nation for libel. The Nation, by the way, used to be better than this, though I do remember how difficult it was to talk seriously about anything with Victor Navasky, when we did a radio show together. To twist his tail a little, I pointed out the convergence of our opinions on several key subjects. In horror, he squeaked, we had nothing in common. What is he afraid of, that someone might take him for a normal American? ~Thomas Fleming