I can understand why Republicans would be annoyed at the piling-on on George Allen, but how exactly is it “anti-Semitic” to read something into it when Allen seemed angry and embarrassed at the suggestion that he had Jewish ancestry?  I know turnabout is fair play, and conservatives frequently enjoy that moment of “Gotcha!” when they think they can pin the old accusations of racism and anti-Semitism, deployed for so long against the right as recklessly as you please, on the other side, but it is my estimation that this “scandal” of the netroots is probably overblown and exaggerated by the very same kind of hypersensitivity that has motivated the obsession with George Allen’s prejudices.  More to the point, the example of the Cardin staffer sent over by MoveOn seems to be something of an isolated incident.  It is hardly the makings of a general trend.