Is it just me, or has the conclusion of the lonelygirl15 episode coincided with a surprising amount of discussion on blogs about the perils and pitfalls of modern relations between the sexes?  It started with Steve Sailer’s first post on the social implications of the success of the lonelygirl15 charade:

I’m reminded once again of how little effort young men and young women in modern America put into connecting with each other mentally. There’s a gigantic number of high IQ lonely guys out there desperate to meet a girl who wants to talk about the things they like to talk about.

Now The Corner is abuzz with Ally McBeal references (see links above) with the Derb commenting:

The following (edited to protect the innocent) is typical of many.

“Derb—-I suspect that when the smart, attractive 34-year-old woman says ‘I can’t find a man’ she means she can’t find a man who is up to her standards. I also suspect those standards are pretty high. Just check out some of the profiles on to see what I’m talking about.

“I started looking through those a few years ago after my wife died and I couldn’t believe the exacting specifications most of these women had for a mate. I was excluded from at least 75 percent of them just by the height requirement. I’m [unimpressive height] and 5′9″ seemed to be the minimum. I soon figured out that finding a woman willing to marry a [fifty-plus]-year-old man with an adopted [preteen]-year-old granddaughter was going to be an exercise in futility if I went the domestic route.

“Which is why I’ve been married to a beautiful [East Asian female] for two years now.  She’s also the best mother any daughter could ask for.  She’s only [really unimpressive height].”

Reading emails like that—I’ve just read a bunch of them—it’s pretty plain that the unattached women of America are wilfully ignoring a huge stock of first-rate potential husbands.  Their loss. 

Which reminds me of Steve Sailer’s observation that Asian women have several advantages in the “marriage market.”

Presumably if you could get all the Ally McBeal impersonators and all the “high IQ lonely guys” together, and then convince them all to stop being so self-involved and ridiculous, the problem would virtually solve itself.  The main problem seems to be getting past the second step in this process.