According to the PPIC’s report, California’s unregistered would like to use the ballot box to, in effect, take money from the highly-productive and give it to themselves.

This is exactly the essential danger of democracy that Aristotle pointed out: that the poor, who are many, will vote to despoil the rich, who are few.

America, fortunately, has largely avoided that by having a middle class society. But California is leading the way toward a Latin American-style social pyramid. ~Steve Sailer, VDare

For more on this theme of “what sort of crazy libertarian would want mass immigration?”, see Dan McCarthy’s latest post entitled A Libertarian Case Against Open Borders.  Libertarians may be thrilled at the prospect of millions of people engaged in their moral “rights” of exchange and so forth, but the millions of people who are coming have no interest in respecting what few property rights still exist and quite a few incentives to vote for the same kinds of policies they would have voted for back home. 

There might be a certain kind of reactionary who looks back on highly stratified classes as a desirable way of organising society; there have certainly been worse ways, but they have little to do with the ordered liberty of our political tradition.  The greatest danger is that they are unstable, swinging from extremes of democratic excess and dictatorship back to narrow oligarchies that exclude and exploit the many.  In other words, it would be a replay of much of modern Latin American history. 

Why some libertarians seem enthusiastic about the creation of a new racial, economic and social hierarchy in America with the attendant populist and socialist backlashes, I cannot say, but I assume it must be some cunning ruse to ensure their permanent marginalisation.