Israel has found an unlikely sympathizer in its distaste for Hizballah: al Qaeda. In a speech on pro al Qaeda website, al Qaeda’s second in command in Iraq Sheikh Abu Abdul Rahman apparently condemns the “infidel Hizballah” and “the most corrupted regimes of Syria and Iran.” ~Israel Today

Well, what do you know?  Radical Sunnis despise radical Shi’ites–it’s almost as if they were from opposing sects!  (”I thought they were all Muslims,” Mr. Bush will be heard to mutter.)  They despise secular dictators, too.  Weird how “Islamic fascists” turn on each other, isn’t it?  Now a wise man would exploit this hostility of Al Qaeda against three members of Max Boot’s ”Quartet of Evil” (Hizbullah plays the viola), rather the lump them all together in a mass called “Islamic fascism.”  If this same man is at war with Al Qaeda, he would stop antagonising Al Qaeda’s natural enemies and use Al Qaeda’s hostility to all of us as a basis for common action against Al Qaeda.  He would stop forcing Iran into a corner and would prevent Israel from launching some maniacal ”preventive war” against Iran and Syria.  The wise man would fight his enemies and not someone else’s.