Details of the offer, which was presented to diplomats in Tehran today, more than a week before a UN deadline for Iran to stop enriching uranium, were not immediately available but Iranian officials said that they expected negotiations to be able to resume after months of deadlock.

“Although there is no justification for the other parties’ illegal move to refer Iran’s case to the Security Council… the answer was prepared… to pave the way for fair talks,” Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, told the country’s student news agency.

“Iran is prepared to hold serious talks from August 23.” ~The Times

Anyone notice a small snag in the predictions of doom?  If Iran is going to destroy all of us today, that won’t leave much to talk about starting tomorrow.  Or perhaps the wise seers will inform us that Iran’s “new formula” for negotiating a settlement about its nuclear program is actually a secret, magical formula to destroy life, the universe and everything.  But I would be very disappointed if superstitious hawks did not continue to speculate about the end-times. 

I mean, you really have to give them credit for cooking up a real whopper, a true fish story worthy of the best propagandists who ever lied during WWI (or WWII!).  This is much more entertaining than hearsay about aluminum tubes, yellowcake or the surprisingly mobile one-legged terrorist (i.e., Zarqawi, who turned out to be unusually bipedal for a one-legged man) or UAVs launched off of fishing boats to attack us with that deadly dose of degraded, ineffective mustard gas.  The anniversary of Saladin’s capture of Jerusalem was even a remotely plausible occasion for some sort of anti-Israel attack.  Not that nuking Jerusalem really makes any sense for Muslims of any stripe (for their next trick, they will blow up the Kaaba just to keep us guessing!), but why stop when you’re on a roll?  Can we all please stop taking the WWIII/WWIV folks seriously now?  Please?