As regular readers will have noticed, I have added a number of new permanent pages to the sidebar.  These categorise and arrange the posts I consider the most worthwhile and (I hope) edifying in several broad groups.  Solon’s Favourites, the oldest of the permanent pages, still includes the posts from the last two years that I consider to be among my best.  However, I have taken many of the more philosophical posts and placed them in The Agoge page, referring to the rigorous educational regimen imposed by the ancient Spartans on their young men (on account of Sparta’s tendency to prefer eunomia as a principle of government).  Posts related to the Lebanon war may be found in Burning Cedars (this has not been recently updated in the last week); posts related to my defense of The Passion of the Christ are available in Passio Christi; posts pertaining to the work of M.E. Bradford are in A Better Guide Than Reason; posts on my anti-Whig, “Jeffersonian Jacobite” views of Anglo-American constitutional history are in The Whig Party’s Treason.  The continuing series of posts on The Rockford Institute’s summer school will be collected in The American Agrarian Tradition.  There are also pages for essays and articles that have appeared elsewhere, and a page for a couple of poems that I have offered for your consideration.