Overlooked amid Mel Gibson’s rebellion against law and custom is his affront against good taste. Sure, Mel Gibson drove drunk. Sure, he invoked a cop’s religion and declared that practitioners of that faith lurk behind all wars. Sure, he created his own unmentionable name for a female cop. But what about his choice of booze? The man had an unsealed bottle of tequila in his car. Tequila?

Tequila is gross. It’s not as gross as the tequila-flavored beer Tequiza, but as far as the big five go–gin, vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila–tequila is dead last. It is disgusting straight, leaving behind an unsavory flavor that tastes like Jose Cuervo and all of his cousins vomited in the back of your mouth. Gentlemen prefer rubbing alcohol. ~Dan Flynn

Via Jim Antle

Being somewhere just this side of William Jennings Bryan’s teetotalism myself (a fact that will no doubt shock and horrify friends and colleagues), I cannot say much on this with any confidence.  But it does sound like an item that would be perfect for someone else’s comments.