Dougherty says he doesn’t want to start a blog war. Okay, neither do I. Larison, on the other hand, doesn’t want to start one—he wants to finish it. Holy bloody Caviezel, kids, that’s an avalanche of prose, and I’m having a hard time breathing under the sheer weight of it all. You dash out a blog post, catch a bit of shut-eye, then wake up to find out that a verbose doctoral candidate has done an Ender Wiggin on you, shock and awe style. Does Daniel Larison ever sleep? Has he done away with keyboards and mastered thought-blogging? It sure seems like it (though he’s probably one of those guys who’s troubled by cyborg technology). ~Peter Suderman

I have to thank Mr. Suderman for his post.  I don’t remember the last time I have laughed this much (mostly at myself in this case).  Unfortunately, I am still reliant on the old keyboard, and I am actually more disturbed by developments in nanotechnology (I had started writing a dystopian novel about a nightmarish AI/nanotech future, but then The Matrix came out and I realised that that particular ship had sailed), but I appreciate the compliment.  As it happens, the last few days have brought together a change in my sleeping habits, which were thrown off by attending a wedding reception this past weekend, rather hot weather in Chicago that has made it difficult to sleep for long periods of time in my one-ceiling-fan apartment and the hook-up of my DSL service.  The new connection has allowed me to unload blog posts with the speed of a Howitzer rather than my traditional preference for artillery barrages and, as Mr. Suderman has suggested, cluster bombs, while my odd schedule allows me to blog at night so as to take everyone else unawares.  With any luck, my shock-and-awe attacks will have happier results.