This is an insane caricature of conservatism - where the hidden hand is a mailed fist. For Kudlow the “American experiment” is vitally assisted by Israel’s campaign, which is expanding freedom. I don’t think my nation ought to be diminished or vitally enhanced in any sense from a conflict such as the one we witness in Southern Lebanon. (I wonder how Beirut’s economy is doing these days.) So , what is Kudlow’s point here? About which is he more gleeful, lower totalitarianism err interest rates or the great march of global capital uh… freedom? Where there is money, there is truth and justice. ~Michael Brendan Dougherty

Michael does a great job ridiculing this latest Kudlovian reaction* and highlighting a perfect example of the dangerous views of one of the truly frightening, prominent political hacks in the “conservative movement” today.  

*A Kudlovian reaction is a conditioned response to salivate at the sight of suffering innocents or higher stock prices or, better yet, both at the same time.