Scott Richert at The Rockford Files brings us back to reality with some excerpts from Tony Snow’s briefing:

As if to make my point in the paragraph above (about the suspect commitment of President Bush), here are two remarks from White House Press Secretary Tony Snow today in response to a question about whether President Bush is worried that the veto will hurt Republicans in November:

And I’ll tell you what, it’s worth pointing out one thing — actually several things on stem cells. Number one, the President is the first ever to have financed research using embryonic stem cell lines.


I just don’t think it will. I think a President acting on conscience — a President who, again — Bill Clinton, as President, didn’t authorize any of these lines. This is a President who’s spent more money on embryonic stem cell research and stem cell research generally than any President in American history. He’s got the track record. What’s happening now is that people are trying to politicize it by accusing him of standing in the way of science, when he’s the guy who’s made it possible to open up the way to science.

And yet every “conservative” “Christian” organization in America—including those who did not support President Bush’s previous decision—applauded him for his “bravery” today. How quickly we forget. Thank you, Tony Snow, for reminding us.

Let’s count up the cynical vote-buying ploys of this year by Bush and the GOP: opposition to flag burning (check), rhetorical posturing against gay marriage (check), sending a small token force of National Guard to survey the border in desperate attempt to stave off anti-immigration backlash that his dreadful policies have incurred (check, check and check), and, last but not least, belated commitment to not expand funding that Bush himself originally approved in desperate pro-life gambit (check and check).  Sorry, Georgie Boy, but “too little, too late” seems to have become your guiding principle.  Meanwhile, dysnomia at home and abroad seems to be the rule of GOP rule.