Doctrinally speaking, Ramesh is not an orthodox Catholic. He says he doesn’t understand the proscription of homosexual conduct in Scripture, for instance, telling me that he needs to read more carefully on that subject. Homosexuality is not the only issue on which he parts ways with social conservatives. Ramesh endorses ending the federal war on drugs. He believes in the legalization of marijuana. He sees no vice in casinos. He does not support the Federal Marriage Amendment. ~Jason Mattera, Doublethink

Via Andrew Sullivan

Those with too much time on their hands will have seen, if only in passing, the long-running blog war between Andrew Sullivan and Ramesh Ponnuru. In itself, the fight isn’t very interesting, except for what it tells us about Sullivan and his wild-eyed hunt for so-called Christianism’s conspiracy against all right-thinking Christians (i.e., people like Andrew Sullivan). Because of Ponnuru’s new book, The Party of Death, Sullivan declared the man on several occasions in league with the hated Christianists and at least once referred to his “religious fundamentalism.” As Mr. Mattera’s article shows, religious fundamentalism generally would have to have become a lot more flexible on a number of things for Ponnuru to qualify. Suffice it to say that if Ponnuru is member of the legions of “Christianism” and “religious fundamentalism,” a whopping great majority of people would be with him. So much (yet again) for Sullivan’s ridiculous pose as the tribune of true American Christianity.