Which brings me to ‘Human Rights’. If there were any human rights, surely one of them would be that you would not have to be ruled by people who actively despised their own country and its people. No such luck. ‘Human Rights’ don’t actually exist. They are worthless paper money, invented by idealistic lawyers 56 years ago at a conference in Rome. The only ‘rights’ you have are the ones the liberal lawyers and judges are prepared to let you have.

This wasn’t what was meant to happen. The whole thing, like so much of the mess we live in today, is a result of the law of unintended consequences. The idealist optimists of 1950 tried to draw up a ‘Charter’ based more or less on what existed in Britain and the USA, and had recently been stamped out by National Socialists, Fascists and Communists from the Channel to the Urals and beyond.

But they missed the point. Britain and the USA were not freed because they had ‘rights’. They were free because they had limited government. Their peoples have - or in our case used to have - freedoms to live in peace, secure from having your door smashed down, free to say and think what you like, because of good, hard restrictions on state power. ~Peter Hitchens