One of my reasons for doing this is because of several posts last week in which the writers ridiculously stated that they think the Tories will win the next election. Now, I admit that this is possible, in the same way that it is possible that life will be discovered on Mars or we might have snow in Delhi in August, or the Berlin Wall will be rebuilt . Very strange things can happen which shove normal life off the tracks, and we cannot know the whole future. But what is not impossible is often so improbable that we would be foolish to expect it to happen.

And, given what we know about British politics and the electoral system, A Conservative victory at the next election is an event so unlikely as to be laughable. So laughable that I am astonished that anyone could believe it, especially as a result of local election polls in which the Tories could not win a single council seat in the whole of Manchester - or Oxford. The capture of Crawley or Hastings by the Tories is hardly a major achievement. In terms of the war they need to win, it is more like the American recapture of the Philippines from the Japanese in World War Two- getting back territory they should never have lost in the first place, and with great and perilous battles yet to fight to secure the final victory. The difference is that the Americans were gaining in strength as they fought, whereas the Tories are growing weaker year by year. ~Peter Hitchens

As you read Hitchens’ searing recounting of Tory failures and horrible policy decisions, it becomes more and more difficult to see why anyone would want the Tories to win in the first place.